My Guy Wrote a Poem Called ‘Nettles’

Life just takes the biscuit when you’re a boxer, two-time army deserter, and been on the run twice…yet your only legacy is a short poem sixteen year olds are forced to study for their GCSEs that says nothing about your crazy life.

Musical Monday: Alt Rock

I barely scratch the surface of my love for alternative rock. Featuring music from Mumford & Sons, The Frightened Rabbit, and Mallory Knox.

Reading in the Now | Catch-22

Back on Strive Homeward I would have a weekly feature called “Currently Reading”. I am now reviving that (mwuhahaha, and then it will unleash its spawn and take over the world). Tons and tons and TONS of people have done this before me, and will continue to do this so I’m not talking about leaving any legacy (it’s just an evil dream of mine).

This Week of Wordiness: 7/52

This week started off very well, dipped a bit in the middle, and sort of rose up again towards the end. I don’t even know what I’m metaphoricalising here. (That’s not a word, but I still selected “Add to dictionary”. #rebel).

John Sutherland’s How to Read a Novel

How to Read a Novel was all about the personal criticism you can give a book before, during, and after you’ve read it. When Sutherland criticises a novel it’s not so much a personal journey as it is a statistical one. Does the book sell? Why? What sort of biases is being shoved down my throat? Context, context, context.

Why the Past Keeps Roping Us Back

I guess this is another one of those things you have to stuff under a rushed, exhausted sigh of “C’est la vie”. It is natural to have been at a high point and to now be at a low point. It seems perfectly plausible that in this case the past should keep on roping us back. We should be yearning for better years — but why not, then, speak of the future?

This Week of Wordiness: 6/52

sunday I’ve been churning out and scheduling book reviews up until the end of March (which is awesome, considering I have more time to catch up with reading now). monday I aired three of my Spotify tunes, which was mostly chill music (and a bit of Coldplay). tuesday Top Ten Tuesday! Valentine’s Day is coming…

Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day Bash

We are invited to do a Valentine’s Day themed list this week, and because romance is in next week I’m doing a list on luuurrvvee.  Valentine’s Day & Books Anything by Cassandra Clare I’m not lying – if the addictive quality of her books is anything to go for, the woman knows how to write…